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I'm Yash Srivastava

I am a multidisciplinary designer and an engineer passionate about creating thoughtful user experiences through mindful design solutions.


I am pursuing a Master's degree at ArtCenter College of Design in Transportation Systems and Design. I have developed a deep knowledge of design methodologies, strategic innovation, systems thinking, customer-driven research, and entrepreneurial practices. 

What Inspires Me?

As a designer with Indian heritage and education in the USA, I have developed a unique perspective and diverse experiences in my life and work.

I'm inspired by diversity, sustainability, and mindfulness. I aim to create design solutions that bring people together, promote well-being, and positively impact society and the environment.

You might find this interesting,

As a designer and a creator, I am always amazed by the idea of Jugaad! and how even complex problems can be solved with simple solutions. It is an approach to problem-solving practiced by every Indian household in every possible domain of life.

Jugaad is a Hindi term that refers to the ability to find innovative and creative solutions to problems using limited resources. It is often used to describe a frugal and resourceful approach to problem-solving.

It has become increasingly popular as a management and innovation philosophy emphasizing agility, adaptability, and creativity in solving complex problems. 

So next time you're stuck with a problem, try to use some Jugaad and see if you can find an easy fix, or reach out to me, and we can fix it together.


Do check out my work, and feel free to get in touch!

Work Experience
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