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Bringing mobility to our doorsteps

Ryde is a shared micro-mobility service platform designed for solving first-mile and local round-trip transportation problems by providing smart micro-mobility service right at the doorstep of the residents living in urban/suburban neighborhoods and having shared parking spaces.

Ryde’s mission is to transform how we travel within our cities, providing citizens with a convenient, eco-friendly, and affordable mode of transportation.

Urban shared Mobility

Residential shared Micro-mobility service


Personal Concept design project

Major skills demonstrated

UX design, Service design, Business strategy, Research, UI design, and Prototyping.


Underutilized parking spaces.

Urban parking spaces are underutilized, posing problems for property managers who must meet zoning regulations. This results in large, inefficient parking lots that occupy valuable urban space.

First mile problem.jpg

Unresolved first-mile problems.

Micro-mobility services are unavailable in immediate neighborhoods, forcing residents to rely on cars or ride-hailing services. This causes traffic congestion and increased carbon emissions, particularly in urban areas.


Chaos due to E-scooter services.

Dockless e-scooters create chaos and clutter on sidewalks, making it difficult for pedestrians to navigate the city safely.

Ryde Micromobility service
  • Implement shared micro-mobility stations in underutilized urban parking spaces.

  • Partner with micro-mobility brands to expand service coverage to immediate neighborhoods.

  • Encourage the use of sustainable transportation to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions.


  • Increase the utilization of urban parking spaces.

  • Improve first-mile transportation options for residents in immediate neighborhoods.

  • Reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions in urban areas.

Mobility as a service platform

What is RYDE?

Ryde is a shared micro-mobility service platform.

Where will Ryde be used?

In shared parking spaces of residential communities.

Who could use Ryde?

All residents of all age groups with access to the shared parking space.

How to use Ryde?

By unlocking micro-mobility vehicles parked in the parking space using the RYDE mobile app. 

Why use Ryde?

To reduce the need for car ownership and offer an affordable alternative to ride-hailing services right at your doorstep.


A facility to enable residents in an apartment complex to access shared micro-mobility vehicles in the parking space. This station could offer various micro-mobility options, such as electric bikes, scooters, and utility/cargo bikes.


The micro-mobility station would be managed by a Ryde service responsible for overseeing the maintenance of vehicles, charging, and distribution so they are always available for residents.

In addition, the micro-mobility station will be integrated with a mobile app that will enable residents to reserve and unlock vehicles quickly and conveniently.

Such a facility would help reduce the underutilization of parking space, promote sustainable transportation options, and provide residents with an affordable and convenient mode of transportation.

Bike with logo.png
parking render.jpg

RYDE facility in an apartment parking space.


"With Ryde, residents can enjoy the convenience of on-demand transportation while reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing the amount of time and money spent on transportation."

The Design Process
ryde research.jpg

As part of urban infrastructure and transportation research, a thorough investigation was carried out to identify city residents' and community stakeholders' pain points and experiences. 
To achieve this, 

  • The research explored various aspects of urban life, including how people live, where they live, how they move, and what activities they engage in.

  • User interviews were conducted with residents and community stakeholders such as property management companies.

Research Analysis

The interviews revealed that city residents face several transportation-related challenges, including car dependency and limited mobility options. These challenges affect their daily lives, resulting in stress, delays, and increased expenses.

The property management companies expressed difficulties in managing vacant parking spaces and maintenance of the parking lots.

The study revealed an intense desire among residents for more sustainable, affordable, and efficient transportation options.

Target Users
All Residents especially, 
Target user_edited.jpg
User Persona

Meet Olivia

Olivia Ross | 34, Working mom

Olivia is a hardworking and educated woman who values efficiency and smart resources in every aspect of her life. She is married and has one daughter, Eva, who is her top priority.


  • drop off Eva at school, 

  • take her to the park, and 

  • run errands like grocery shopping

  • not to rely solely on her husband’s car or expensive ride-hailing services.


  • only one car in the house, which her husband drives to work, 

  • no reliable and affordable transportation during the day

  • feels limited in her ability to be independent and accomplish everything on her to-do list.

Olivia is motivated to find a solution that allows her to be more independent and efficient in managing her time and responsibilities. She is open to exploring new transportation options that fit her busy lifestyle and allows her to be more present and involved in her family's daily routine.

Mom and a Child

"I believe in using smart resources to make my life easier and more efficient, so I can focus on what matters - my family and my career."

Journey map
Journey tif_edited.jpg
Story boarding

The Story of Eva

scene 1.jpg
scene 2.jpg
scene 3.jpg
scene 4.jpg

1 Excited Eva wanting to go to the park while mom looks tired.

2 Mom uses the RYDE app to book a cargo bike, Eva cheers as mom shows the booking confirmation.

3 Mom and Eva ride the cargo bike to the park, with the wind blowing in their hair and happy music playing.

4 Mom and Eva play in the park, while the cargo bike takes a well-deserved break in the background.

Ecosystem mapping
Ecosystem map.png

Ryde's ecosystem map comprehensively visualizes the key players, infrastructure, and benefits of the Ryde mobility service. Ryde will provide city residents with an efficient, sustainable, affordable mobility experience. 

To provide this service, Ryde relies on three main stakeholders: 

  • Property management companies: who can give vacant parking lots for mobility vehicle charging and parking docks, 

  • Micro-mobility manufacturers like Lime scooters: can provide mobility vehicles, and 

  • Ryde's mobile app: allows customers to book and use mobility services easily.

Ultimately, Ryde's ecosystem map highlights the positive impact that sustainable mobility services can have on individuals, communities, and the environment.

Lean Canvas
Lean Canvas_edited_edited.jpg
Comparative analysis
Comparative analysis.png
UI Design
iPhone 13 Pro.png
Style Guide.png
Enjoy the RYDE

In conclusion, Ryde is a smart and sustainable solution to address the growing demand for efficient and eco-friendly transportation options. 

It is an excellent way to promote healthy living and reduce congestion while providing residents with greater flexibility and convenience. 

Ultimately, this facility has the potential to make a significant impact on the daily lives of residents, the environment, and the wider community.

Future Direction,

  • eV sharing platform in residential areas for longer trips!


More work.

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